Seen & Heard: A Creperie on Chambers

courtesy Bar Suzette••• M.M. De Voe of Pen Parentis tweeted that a creperie named Suzette—which I have to think is related to Bar Suzette, in the Chelsea Market (it doesn’t have a phone number…)—is opening on Chambers, in the old MetroPCS cell-phone store just west of Broadway. A nice step forward for Chambers! Now let’s hope that the Jerry’s Café and Less Less spaces don’t take us two steps backward. UPDATE 2/24: The creperie is not Bar Suzette, it’s By Suzette—and by the lack of any other By Suzettes online, I think we can deduce that it’s the first.

••• There are some meetings coming up if you want to weigh in on community reconstruction. They appear to be BYOB.

••• The next Tribeca Meet & Greet—organized by the BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center—is at Tribeca Plastic Surgery (44 Hudson) on Thursday, Feb. 20, from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. “Tribeca Wine Merchants at 40 Hudson will kindly provide some beverages and Thomas Joseph Catering will provide some nibblybits courtesy of Medicis.” PSA: Do not make important medical decisions after a glass of wine!

••• From Marc Murphy: “On March 6 we’ll be celebrating our 10th anniversary at Landmarc Tribeca with special menus and special appearances. Details to come.”

••• Thanks to the reader who sent a photo of last weekend’s crane switcheroo at 56 Leonard.

56 Leonard crane switch



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  1. The new crane at 56 Leonard has played a real “switcheroo” on the neighborhood, alright. It is equipped with klieg lights that illuminate the surrounding buildings all night. Is this what we have to live with for the next 2 years?