In the News: The NYPD Stable Isn’t Coming Back Anytime Soon

nypd-hourse1-by-tribeca-citizen••• “It could be at least another three or four years before police horses return to their old Tribeca home at 19 Varick Street.” That’s because, three years later, the NYPD still hasn’t figured out where to put a “command center” for World Trade Center security. —Tribeca Trib

••• “Executives developing a performing arts center at ground zero have hired a temporary artistic director from the Young Vic theater in London.” But they’re no longer in contact with Frank Gehry, the architect of the building…? —New York Times

••• “A note written on the chalk board outside the historic Bridge Cafe reads ‘I said it twice or three or four or five times—We will open soon-ish. Late Feb or March or….'” —Eater

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  1. Why didn’t they use the substation they had on Washington Street? It’s more convenient to the WTC and it’s just been sitting there empty since they moved out. Not sure what it was used for and why it was closed. Although I’m hoping something nice moves in there eventually.

  2. They never planned for the horses to come back. In three years, they’ll announce another delay. Because there’s isn’t a plan.

  3. There was no way the stables were ever coming back. We’ll hear in 3 years that the building is being sold and more condos!

  4. I enjoyed having the police stable in the neighborhood as much as anyone, but if it’s the horses you are missing, head up to Times Square. I often meet one of my old “friends” there and the officers always oblige a visit and a neck nuzzle.

  5. I’m concerned about the parking spaces that are taken to accommodate the private cars used to commute to NYPD Pct #1 and any NYPD Staples that may resume in the neighborhood. It seems 40-50 free NYPD parking spaces are already there. Very little on-street parking for TriBeCa or NYC residents exists now. I don’t think more free parking in needed for NYPD employees.