Spring Studios Is in Hot Water

50 Varick Spring Studios 81913When Spring Studios went before Community Board 1 last March, it faced neighborhood concerns that it would basically become a nightclub. (I was among the folks who thought that was ridiculous). But the photo studio/fashion complex/event space shot itself in the foot big-time, renting the space out for what was evidently a huge, annoying Super Bowl party that ran past 2 a.m.—even though it had agreed that no events would ever go past midnight. At last night’s CB1 Tribeca meeting, complaints were made about the noise (audible way over on Hudson), the search lights, the traffic tie-ups and double parking—in short, Spring violated many of the stipulations that CB1 had insisted on in order for the company to get its liquor license. (It doesn’t have the license because construction isn’t done yet.) Oddly, a neighbor who tracked down Spring’s David Hemphill said that Hemphill said that Spring had never agreed to any stipulations beyond ones regarding the roof. Alas, Hemphill couldn’t make the meeting because it’s Fashion Week—that’s my new go-to excuse—so Spring’s lawyer attended, and he was baffled by that bit of hearsay, because he knows as well as anyone how long the negotiations went on.

(The lights that blaze all night right now have to stay on per DOB regulations for buildings under construction, but the committee would like to see Spring figure out a way to mitigate the disturbance anyway.)

The committee was leaning toward informing the State Liquor Authority that it would like to immediately withdraw its support for the liquor license, but then decided to wait to hear what the principals have to say, if they can find the time for next month’s meeting.

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  1. I am not at all suprised by this. The spring studios team is very slick and said all the right things and made sure everyone who had a say was taken care of. The reality is that it is a party space that will continue to cause problems.

  2. CB1 = Complete Bloody 1diots