“Skywing Tower” Coming to 101 Murray [Update: Not!]

New York YIMBY found a rendering for 101 Murray—at West Street, where the St. John’s building is now—that’s a real jaw-dropper: Architect “Coop Himmelb(l)au’s website dubs the building the ‘Immersion Blender’ ‘Skywing Tower,’ and it will apparently have a counterpart in Seoul.” (Seoul’s is uglier, for what it’s worth.) The building, to be condos, is 860 feet tall.

UPDATE: Downtown Express says it ain’t so: “Coop Himmelb(l)au, the Austrian architectural firm, who designed that rendering, has absolutely no connection to that development site, according to a spokesperson for [developer] Fisher Brothers.”

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  1. looks like it will blind the drivers on the West side highway

  2. This is an absolute aesthetic abomination, but, more than that, it robs the neighborhood of sunlight and open sky — basic human needs free to all. Children don’t play and friends don’t meet in the shadow of buildings like this. Good urban development is humane and built to a human scale — this is not.

  3. On the upside, maybe the apartment I’m renting will finally be cheap enough to buy if this thing goes up. WTF.

  4. Hoping they have a good plan to keep snow and ice from falling off those structures at the top . . .

  5. Wow. At first reading I thought this was one of your Aprils Fools jokes – like the upside down spin class, but then I realized today wasn’t April 1st. I’m left pretty speechless – and not in the good way.

  6. Sad. No matter what they call it, it will be known as the Anvil Building.

  7. Just let me know where to sign when the petition starts.

  8. I pray this monstrosity does not become a reality. The developers have completely lost their minds. Avarice can have that effect on people. Destroy a neighborhood, become a billionaire.