Seen & Heard: Harold Ramis Tribute

••• As a tribute to Harold Ramis, Hook & Ladder No. 8 firehouse put up the Ghostbusters sign (then took it down, alas), and fans have left candles, flowers, and even Twinkies outside.

••• Ruben’s Empanadas on Church closed (…at the end of January. Oops!). According to the sign in the window, the one on Fulton is still open and you can order delivery from there.

••• On March 6, Cristina Dos Santos is hosting an event to support Battery Dance Company.

••• The rumor is that the 88 Leonard retail space on Leonard will be a hair salon, possibly a Drybar-like blowout bar. Don’t U know straight hair ain’t got no curl?

••• Russell Simmons—who still lives in FiDi?—will be at Barnes & Noble Tribeca on March 5 to sign copies of his book, Success Through Stillness: Meditation Made Simple.

••• The Four Seasons Hotel & Condos at 30 Park Place (a.k.a. 99 Church) is going up fast—well, the western half is (as you can see from the second photo, taken from Park Place).

30 Park Place aka 99 Church 22514 30 Park Place aka 99 Church back half

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  1. Ha! That’s the whole building. That empty space is the buffer between the the hotel/condo and the Woolworth Tower. There will be a plaza here with an interior driveway.

  2. It kind of had to be done this way, otherwise it would be smack up against the Woolworth tower. I think this will be extremely nicely done as this will be a primary entrance to either the Condo, the Hotel or both!