Worth Street Is About to Go One-Way

worth busThis just in from the LMCCC:

Construction for the city’s Hudson Street Trunk Main project continues in several areas around Tribeca, and starting Friday, February 28, Department of Design and Construction crews will begin capital work on Worth Street. To accommodate major utility improvements, Worth between Hudson and W. Broadway will be made one-way westbound for approximately three months. Motorists traveling northbound on Hudson will not be able to turn right on Worth, and instead will be detoured to eastbound Franklin Street. Normal traffic patterns are expected to be restored in early June 2014.

Hudson Street Trunk Main crews also are working on underground infrastructure and road restoration on Leonard Street, which is closed to traffic between Hudson and Varick through approximately late March 2014.

This warrants its own post because Worth is a major commuting thoroughfare—in the morning, a lot of traffic (including many buses) turns left from W. Broadway onto Worth, to get to Broadway and other points east. Since Worth won’t be going that direction, will they use Duane instead? (The focus on northbound traffic turning right onto Worth strikes me as misguided, unless it happens when I’m not watching.) UPDATE: Ack! I typed too quickly. J Allen points out that the closure (for now) is just between Hudson and West Broadway. So maybe this isn’t the end of the world?

P.S. Poor Worth Street. Between 93 Worth and the street work east of Church, it has really taken a beating in recent years.

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  1. It says Worth will be one way between Hudson and West Broadway, so I believe all that traffic should still be able to turn left onto Worth from West Bway to head east (that eastern crosswalk is one of the scariest in Tribeca for pedestrians, by the way).