Seen & Heard: El Vez Is on the Building

••• El Vez signage went up this morning. Last we heard, the opening is set for April—it’s a Mexican restaurant coming to the Conrad complex, next to Blue Smoke, if you’re late to the party. (Thanks for the pic, Tony!)

••• The City Hall R subway station is being renovated. Work includes: “Replacing platform slabs, edges, lighting, and track wall tiles; installing new ADA-compliant tactile warning strips; repairing and replacing street stairs and mezzanine-to-platform stairs.” (That mezzanine business is for other stations—five on the R line are getting the redo.)

••• 48 Vestry’s storefront (at the northeast corner of Hudson) is now available.

••• Which reminds me…. Anyone know what’s happening in the huge Hudson & Broad space one block up, at Hudson Vestry? The windows are papered. My first thought was a sales office for 443 Greenwich.

••• And that reminds me of this: “Is there any update on 443 Greenwich?” emailed K. “Seems like nothing is happening over there.” I could try calling the brokers, but I don’t expect an honest answer. Someone out there must know the dish.

••• And that brings to mind pizza (because pizza is always on my mind). The other day, I had lunch at American Flatbread Tribeca Hearth—am I the only person who calls it that?—and the sign in the vestibule reminded me that the restaurant does “Benefit Bakes” on Tuesdays—a different local non-profit receives $3 from every large pizza. A lovely idea.

••• An update on 87 Leonard: I hear that Ben Shaoul’s Magnum Real Estate Group is only the sponsor; the building is owned by Deutsche Bank. UPDATE: See charango’s comment for clarification on this point.

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  1. Regarding 87 Leonard, generally a sponsor has equity in the deal and would also be considered an owner. Perhaps Magnum is the developer and Deutsche Bank is either a capital partner or lender. Either way, Magnum would still be an owner.

  2. They recently took Down the old water towers on the roof at 443 Greenwich. Some progress, albeit glacial. Not sure about what else is going on there.