Another Starbucks in Tribeca

32 Sixth Avenue retail space StarbucksThat new retail space at 32 Sixth Ave. (at the northeast corner of Walker) that we were I was excited about? It’s going to be a Starbucks, according to the sign. So that means it’ll be going head-to-head with La Colombe, a block away, where the line only seems to grow longer by the day. (Seriously, are people going to start camping out?)

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  1. Like we really need another nail salon, bank or Starbucks….

  2. People complain about too many Starbucks, yet we keep going and they keep building more. Personally I like the convenience of having them around when your bladder is full and the alarms start going off.

  3. It’s not about what you need. It’s about what’s available and who’s willing to pay for the rental space. Judging by the long lines at Colombe, i’m guessing Starbucks will do just fine at that location. If anything they get all the employees at 32 6th. That’s called good business.

  4. Starbucks is no competition for La Colombe. Aside from people wanting tea or watered down, tasteless coffee, no one who has been to La Colombe will have any interest in Starbucks.