Seen & Heard: 56 Leonard Is Taking Shape

••• A show of new work by DAIN—his paintings have been brightening our streets for the past year or so—opens Thursday, April 3, at Folio Fine Art in Dumbo. Editions of the one pictured, “Streets of Soho,” are available for $300.

••• Am I the only person who wishes Sole di Capri would create a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr account with its daily specials? I’m always taking a photo of the sandwich board when I walk by, hoping to avoid having to ask them when I call to  order.

••• While we’re in suggestion-box mode: Those cutesy aisle signs (“Fraggles,” “Jimmy Hoffa,” etc.) at Whole Foods would be a lot more charming if the store hadn’t just moved a bunch of stuff.

••• A mini Nosy Neighbor question from H.: “Wondering if you knew anything about the giant container with a huge pipe coming out of it in front of Megu? As a resident of Thomas Street, I walk by it daily but can’t figure out anything from the signage out front.” It seemed to be a temporary boiler. I asked at Megu (and I also asked when it’d be gone, since that seemed the likely follow-up question. Here’s what they said: “The big container outside is from the building above us (the residential part), and it has nothing to do with our restaurant. As I hear the report from the building super, it was supposed to be out last Friday, though they later said it will be gone sometime this week. We know this is something to do with heating unit for the building, and we are also pushing them to have them remove the container ASAP.” UPDATE: I hear that the temporary boiler is also heating the south side of the very large building (known as 137 Duane), and residents who have dealt with a fritzy boiler all winter are hoping that the permanent boiler is being replaced, and quickly.

••• I think we’re about to enter the less exciting midsection part of 56 Leonard, but there’s enough evidence of its shape to warrant a reality-vs.-rendering comparison. It’s really going to make for a fantastic corner.

56 Leonard render 56 Leonard 3114 cropAnd what they look like mashed up….

56 Leonard mashup

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