The First Horn on the WTC Transportation Hub

WTC transportaion hub first hornThanks to Nicole Vianna for the photo of the very first horn going up on Santiago Calatrava’s transportation hub at the World Trade Center. I don’t care if you think I’m dorky—I find this building exciting!

Actually, are we calling them horns? That was the word Nicole used (she also called the hub a stegosaurus), but spikes or quills might be more appropriate…?

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  1. I’m excited to see it finally taking shape! I must hope everything meets up when they get to the middle. I think they were supposed to be wings, and it was supposed to look like a bird, or some kind of programmatic nonsense like that, but I may have it confused with something else. I thought Nicole’s term was perfect and I’ve been calling it a stegosaurus.

  2. I have been calling it a Stegosaurus for years and I think it will be beautiful, but it is supposed to represent a bird. Nonetheless, as I think it looks like a Stegosaurus, this is a Spike and not a horn. :-)

  3. I had been calling them spikes, but I think “quill” works even better.

  4. WTC official is calling them “rafter fins”.