Seen & Heard: Hardball at 22 River Terrace

••• It’s always a surprise when you catch sight of a new building from an unexpected angle—like the glimpse of 56 Leonard that much of west Tribeca is starting to get. Anyway, I had that experience today with 11 N. Moore. I was walking down Hudson and there it was.

Washington Market Park sign••• Thanks for including TC, Friends of Washington Market Park!

••• A noteworthy comment from Michael Parr on the tactics used by Centurion Real Estate Partners to convert 22 River Terrace from rentals to condos: “Not ‘Allegedly,’ they are completely screwing tenants. I live at 22 River Terrace for the last 5 years. I want to buy my apartment and told the managing agent Douglas Elliman such. They informed me that the building will not get conversion approval for several more months and that my lease, which ends May 1, would not be renewed and I must vacate. This is absolutely outrageous and as a matter of practice should be illegal.”

••• I have to say, the service at Zucker’s appears to be improving—I’ve had several very good experiences in a row.

••• From N.: “Have you seen the Hubert Street dog run? Amazing that Hudson River Park organization hasn’t cleaned the hood’s new spiffy doggy run in weeks, no… make that months!” Let’s all agree not to send me more than one photo of dog crap per month, OK?

Hudson River Park dog run

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  1. I think the issue with the dog park is that it was completely buried in snow until the last few days. There was a lot of crap on the snow when I went there a few weeks ago so perhaps they were just waiting for the snow to melt. Hopefully?

  2. There are people from Hudson River Park cleaning the dog park as I write. However, isnt it incumbent upon the dog owners to clear up after their dogs?

  3. Totally agree with you. Thought it was pretty gross when I saw piles of crap “floating” on the snow. Even walking the sidewalks I sometimes wonder what type of person doesn’t pick up after their dog.

  4. Service as Zucker’s is so consistently bad that I’ve concluded that they have to be actively trying to piss off customers. The space is designed to create confusion and the staff is so jammed in behind the counter that they can’t help but be angry. Amazed that it might be getting better, but maybe it’s just an early April Fools thing…

    • I agree with you. I won’t go into the store anymore because it just makes me angry. There are usually 5 people behind the counter but only 1 (if you’re lucky) helping customers. I just call in a delivery order which seems to be consistent. Ideally we could get another bagel place in Tribeca and have some choices.