Seen & Heard: Petition for 67 Vestry

67 Vestry••• Tribeca Trust and the residents of 67 Vestry have created a petition in support of landmarking the building (which is about to be redeveloped), and there’s a website and a Facebook page so you can keep up to date on the situation. “Last Thursday we went to the landmarks commission at CB1 and got unanimous support for our cause to save the building,” emailed resident Jaime Viñas. “Next up is a meeting with the full board on March 25. This is were we’ll need a lot of the community to show up and voice their support to landmark the building.” The full CB1 meeting is at 6 p.m. at the Richard Harris Terrace at BMCC, 199 Chambers (between Greenwich and West).

new signage••• I spotted the new street signage in northwest Tribeca today (this image shows the new and the old). It’s totally possible it’s been like that for months….

••• Bridal designer Selia Yang has closed her shop at 71 Franklin.

••• The door to Racines NY (wine bistro under construction on Chambers) was open this morning, so naturally I took a long, thirsty look: It’s really coming along!

••• A question from Jonathan: “Has anyone pointed out the awful wind noise that blows through whatever the construction is on top of the new Soho hotel on Greenwich, just north of spring?” That’s the Hotel Hugo.

••• You can get a better sense of how the Sterling Mason will look when it’s done now that the windows are starting to get framed.



  1. I have pointed out that awful noise to 311. I thought it had gone away but unfortunately I was mistaken. My girlfriend and I were not sure if it was coming from the hotel construction site or the garbage truck construction site or both. The noise is beyond terrible and hopefully it is taken care of very, very soon.

  2. Does anyone know when Sterling Mason is set to open?