Seen & Heard: Affordable Photography Fair

••• “Soho Photo Gallery is pleased to announce, for the first time ever, the Affordable Photography Fair—an inspiring and friendly atmosphere where art lovers can find dozens of fine art photographs from gallery artists at reasonable prices: all prints are $100.” It’s May 9-12; check the website for the hours. Above: “Woodstock” by Bob Leonard.

••• Xoos French Shirts is closing its shop at 7 Lispenard when the lease ends in June. They’re relocating to Houston (the city, not the street), where they’ll open an office. There are no plans to open any more stores, but the shirts and other stuff will be available online at

••• March 24 at New York Academy of Art: Randy Cohen’s interview show, “Person, Place, Thing,” with New York Times art critic Roberta Smith and New York mag art critic Jerry Saltz (they’re married to each other). It’s free; register here.

••• Opening March 26: “Breathless Maiden Lane,” a light installation by Tribeca’s own Grimanesa Amorós (who also did the wonderful “Terrarium” in the lobby of 54 N. Moore). It’s part of Time Equities’s Art-in-Buildings program, and it’s up through Dec. 24.