In the News: Teen Sneaks to Top of 1WTC

••• “A New Jersey teen captivated by 1 World Trade Center sneaked out of his home in the dead of night, got past the wall of security—and a sleeping guard—making it all the way up to the spire.” —New York Post

••• “On the storefront window of her tiny Harrison Street jewelry store and studio, Cass Lilien posted a letter […] to the burglar who broke into her Tribeca store during the night of March 13 and stole more than $20,000 worth of rings and necklaces.” —Tribeca Trib

••• “Here’s one way to be welcomed home after a weekend away with your husband—your daughter let an alleged felon and gang member come over, and he and his pals stole your jewelry. That was apparently the case at a posh, 30th-floor apartment in the iconic 8 Spruce St. tower on Sunday night.” —Downtown Express

••• “The entire northeastern end of the Park Row block bounded by Beekman Street and Theatre Alley is up for grabs. The site could sell for over $50 million, or $700 per buildable square foot, for an area in Tribeca where condos will sell for $3,000 per square foot and up.” Er, that’s not Tribeca. “A new building can grow to as much as 72,000 square feet, depending on its usage [….] The six-story and three-story buildings currently occupied by Ricky’s pop-up stores will be vacated.” —New York Post

••• “A group of business owners who once operated shops on Pier 17, in the South Street Seaport, have lost a lawsuit that they brought against the pier’s owner, Howard Hughes Corporation, alleging that the mall was not properly maintained or marketed, and that adequate security was not provided by the landlord.” —Broadsheet

••• The Wall Street Journal has a Q&A with Neil Burger, who lives in Tribeca and who directed the new Divergent movie.

••• 15 Leonard renderings and pricing. —Curbed

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  1. What a lying little hoe. She had a party, they stole from her, and she didn’t realize til her mom got home.

    One call to the doorman and they would have kicked the kids out.

  2. On the teen vs WTC 1: I suspect it’s happened before. Was it last May(?) when it was reported that two men were seen on West St with parachutes in the early morning hours on a weekend? I think maybe even arrested? I’m still wondering if there’s footage somewhere of their obvious jump from WTC 1, if they’re stupid enough to release it. They probably snuck up there the same way as this kid