Dakota Roadhouse Has Closed

Sad day for fans of the Dakota Roadhouse on Park Place: “Its barware and equipment, along with mountains of hallowed clutter, pilfered MTA signage, and old tin breweriana were scheduled to go on the auction block earlier today, and no one at Dakota Roadhouse has picked up the phone for a long time,” reports Grub Street. “Meanwhile, the Day-Glo foosball tables, mini bestiary of taxidermied critters, and TV set that once played random pornos are reportedly being cleared out of the cavernous space.” (The photo is courtesy Google Street Maps—I don’t have any pix of Dakota Roadhouse, alas, and I couldn’t find a better one that might not tick off the photographer.)

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  1. Looks like their closing is due to the change of ownership of the property to El-Gamal (the owner of the mosque next door at 51 Park Place)…probably not getting a new lease.


  2. Too bad. I have some good memories of the place from my younger days and there are probably a few others that I don’t remember. I wonder what kind of bland establishment will replace it?