In the News: Fighting Organized Crime at Brookfield Place

••• Ryan Korban, co-founder of Edon Manor, gets profiled in the New York Times: “This April, HarperCollins is releasing Mr. Korban’s first coffee-table book, Luxury Redefined, which shows off much of his Helmut Newton-and-Veruschka-obsessed style—a blend of midcentury and Hollywood Regency.”

••• “The show that Ed Sylvanus Iskandar had in mind was a theatrical event of biblical proportions. To make it happen, this director needed four dozen playwrights. The task for each of them: Adapt a play from the medieval York Cycle, which dramatizes the Old and New Testaments, from ‘The Fall of the Angels’ to ‘The Last Judgment.’ […] The result is “The Mysteries,” Mr. Iskandar’s latest riff on a classic form, which begins previews Thursday at the Flea Theater.” —The New York Times

••• Parents want the Office of Pupil Transportation to let their kids take a bus to school on the other wise of West Street. —Downtown Post NYC

••• “The Drug Enforcement Agency’s New York Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Strike Force will take 56,000 square feet [at Brookfield Place….] The strike force is comprised of a partnership of federal, state and city crime-fighting organizations that was formed in 2004 by then-Attorney General John Ashcroft. Its aim is to target high-level drug trafficking organizations. The office is a who’s who of law enforcement, including the DEA, NYPD, FBI, the state police, Homeland Security, the U.S. Secret Service, and the IRS, among others.” —Crain’s

••• The Blue School, “which has hosted pre-school students through fifth graders at its Water Street headquarters since 2011, will expand into middle school beginning in September, 2015.” —Broadsheet

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  1. I wonder if the organized crime group who will occupy 1 acre in Brookfield, will monitor the Battery Park City Authority; in my opinion one of the most prolific organized crime gangs in downtown NYC.