Seen & Heard: Trouble at Tetsu

••• Chef Masa Takayama’s teppanyaki restaurant, Tetsu, opening at 78 Leonard, has had a bumpy start—but the last we had heard, via Gael Greene, was that it was on track for a late-summer opening. That may have to be pushed back, if the text I received is any indication: “Construction halted at Tetsu on Leonard due to contractor fallout from improper lead abatement. Residents of 78 and 80 Leonard were asked to temporarily leave their homes while clean-up is ongoing.”

••• There was an intriguing comment on the post about the rumor that J&R is closing: “actually, they are not closing, just being SOLD to Focus Camera, who are buying the name also!!!!” Focus’s store is in Brooklyn, and has been for more than 40 years. I ran it by J&R; a spokesperson declined to comment. A course close to the company, however, confirmed that there have been discussions with various parties, including Focus, but no agreement has been reached.

rite aid map••• The Rite Aid at Brookfield Place is closing tonight, and reopening tomorrow at 225 Vesey (street level): “To access Rite Aid, enter the pavilion and follow the construction chute to your left.” Sounds fun! “The chute is also accessible from the Winter Garden.” The map helps.

••• From All Good Things: “Chef Roxanne Spruance, formerly of Alison Eighteen, and chef Ryan Tate of All Good Things announce a once-a-week, monthly pop-up restaurant. The concept will bring to life and preview Roxanne’s newest restaurant project Kingsley, opening in the fall.” (I don’t think a location for Kingsley has been announced.) The dinners are Mondays from April 7 to 28, six courses for $75. Dishes might include “Black trumpet mushrooms, dashi, olives, cured egg yolk, wood sorrel; razor clams, sea beans, lemon, cynar; scallops, artichoke, lemon, olives, prosciutto, shiso; lamb bacon, morel, creme fraiche, fava beans, lovage.”

••• The Boys ‘N’ Chicks store at 392 Broadway has closed—and how.

392 Broadway

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