In the News: Developer Allegedly Putting the Screws to BPC Renters

••• “Rental tenants at the 22 River Terrace apartment building allege they are being forced from their homes by the real estate developer [Centurion Real Estate Partners] who purchased the tower in December, and now plans to convert it into condominiums. Several residents also contend that the developer is attempting to compel them to move in order to avoid offering current tenants the opportunity to buy their apartments at discounted ‘insider’ prices.” —Broadsheet UPDATE: Centurion’s PR rep says that the Broadsheet will be revising the article to fix some errors—I’ll update this post when that happens. In the meantime, I added a big, fat “allegedly” in the headline, which probably should have been there from the start. Stay tuned….

••• Gael Greene tweeted a while back that Masa Takayama’s Tetsu (at 78 Leonard) will open in “late summer.” (I lost the tweet and then I found it.)

••• The Tribeca Trib‘s Oliver E. Allen looks back at the old New York Mercantile Exchange at Hudson and Harrison. (Speaking of a sidewalk shed that has been there forever!)

••• The New Yorker previews Trinity Wall Street‘s “upcoming Lenten festival of sacred works [which] takes the Lamentations as its theme, though it will surely be brought off with the same joyous energy of last year’s Stravinsky Festival. ‘Lamentatio’ (March 9-April 13) is centered on six Sunday early-evening concerts. They will feature not only Novus and the Trinity Choir but also guest appearances by the recently formed chamber collective Decoda and by the ancient Choir of Merton College, Oxford.”

••• “The Battery Conservancy issued an RFP for the operation and maintenance of the SeaGlass Carousel along with food and merchandise carts.” —Amusing the Zillion (via Curbed)

••• Roberta “Roller Rabbit” Freymann is having a sample sale, but it’s not down here. —Racked

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  1. Not “Allegedly”, they are completely screwing tenants. I live at 22 River terrace for the last 5 years. I want to buy my apartment and told the managing agent Douglas Elliman such. They informed me that the building will not get conversion approval for several more months and that my lease, which ends May 1, would not be renewed and I must vacate. This is absolutely outrageous and as a matter of practice should be illegal.

  2. Just to be clear – Rockrose has been complicit in “putting the screws” to renters. Rockrose, former owners of 22 River Terrace, were FIRST to put in the 90-day rider to lease renewals. So, as they were finalizing the building’s sale, they were helping the eventual buyer in that they were only renewing leases if tenants accepted the option of the owner to terminate leases with 90-notice. Never rent from Rockrose again!