What to Expect from the Fulton Center Mall

Fulton Center constructionLast night’s meeting of the Community Board 1 FiDi Committee included a presentation on Fulton Center, the $1.4 billion subway hub at Broadway and Fulton that’s scheduled to open June 26. Westfield is handling the retail leasing (as it’s also doing at the World Trade Center—no conflict there?) and the maintenance.

There’s a video you can watch (but I can’t embed—what the point of that is, I don’t know). I’ve grabbed some stills from it, because the best parts are the renderings that show what the interior will be like, along with a few of the construction shots—the spiral staircase looks like it’ll be impressive.

The retail is spread over five levels (I think… My attention wandered in the middle of the presentation).

Level -2: The “Concourse level” has four stores within the fare zone; total retail is only 2,000 square feet.
Level -1: The “Platform level” has four stores over 2,200 square feet.
Level 0: I totally missed how many stores will be on street level. We’ll have to wait for other outlets to chime in. I came back in time to hear that there would be 16 carts and kiosks throughout the property.
Level +1: 8,100 square feet of retail.
Level +2: 7,500 square feet of retail.

The lovingly restored Corbin Building also has two stores at street level, and offices above that—Westfield is pushing for a tech tenant. And the Dey Street Headhouse has a 1,600-square-foot space.

The Westfield rep said Fulton Center will be a destination for locals (and not tourists), with the sit-down restaurant(s) a main draw—but people who don’t mind shopping and eating in malls will have many other options (the World Trade Center, Brookfield Place, Pier 17), so we’ll have to see how it plays out. None of the storefronts will be occupied by June—they’re hoping for early fall at the earliest.

The first four renderings below are from a progression showing how it all fits together. Also of note (as you can see in the yellow rendering): There will be lots of advertising, all of which will be digital.

Fulton Center renderingFulton Center rendering2Fulton Center rendering3Fulton Center rendering4FUlton Center rendering 5Fulton Center rendering7Fulton Center rendering advertisingFulton Center rendering aerial

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  1. No mention of tenants? Surprising since its opening in a few months.

    • The Westfield lease has yet to be signed, but it’s close, so while they’re working on tenants they said it won’t be till late fall or first quarter 2015 that we see anyone moved in.

  2. Erik, I was at the FiDi CB1 Meeting. Let me know if you go to the May meeting. Would love to meet you!