In the News: Another Yorganic

••• Yorganic is opening a branch at 88 Greenwich. —DNAinfo

••• “Workers removing a marble wall damaged by Hurricane Sandy near the South Street Seaport exposed a groovy graffiti time capsule dotted with the names of New Yorkers from the country’s bicentennial in 1976.” —New York Post

••• “A woman fought off a would-be rapist in the [A/C/J] Fulton Street subway station by biting into a hand he’d placed over her mouth and then kicking a nearby emergency intercom.” —DNAinfo

••• Grub Street talked to Drew Nieporent about Bâtard, the restaurant opening in the Corton space (one meaning of Bâtard is “bastard,” by the way). Here’s what he said about the food: “We’re working on things like octopus with pastrami spices; we have a pea soup with crispy sweetbreads; because Markus is Austrian, we have this idea of a beet salad with what we call linzer, which are carmelized hazelnuts. And we’re gonna do things with rabbit and turbot and lamb, and you know schnitzel is a big thing in Austria, so we’re also going to have a schnitzel.”