New York Nautical Has Set Sail

I had heard that the storefront at 158 Duane was on the market, and I was bummed: I figured that New York Nautical would probably move somewhere not on street level, and I’ve always thought independent, specialty shops like it are what (used to?) make New York so interesting. But I was delightfully wrong! New York Nautical has moved over to 200 Church, into the space that was briefly Blueberry Fusion CafĂ©. This makes New York Nautical’s third Tribeca location; before 158 Duane, it was in what’s now American Apparel.

While chatting with the guys there, I asked if they knew who was taking their previous space. They said no one yet, to their knowledge, but most of the prospective tenants had been restaurants. The Duane Street storefront, it turns out, is vented, possibly from its days as a veterinarian office/animal hospital. So Brushstroke and the four restaurants across the street (Sushi of Gari, Khe-Yo, Weather Up Tribeca, and Bouley) may have some company….

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