Sushi of Gari Tribeca
130 W. Broadway
(at Duane)
More fancy than casual

Sushi of Gari’s fifth outpost has an 11-seat omakase-only sushi bar upstairs, with a 26-seat dining room on the ground floor. The menu is limited: three soups and three salads, ten appetizers, and sushi and sashimi. Omakase costs around $90 for sushi or $120 if you get sashimi, too. If you order omakase, you will definitely get some of Masatoshi “Gari” Sugio’s signature creative sushi (usually involving sauces or marinades).

Sushi of Gari Tribeca


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  1. I tried Sushi of Gari last night, with the warnings of previous eaters in my head (atmosphere, service, etc.), and for now, I think the restaurant will be a fancy take-out option for me. The food was, unsurprisingly, very delicious and fresh. My boyfriend called the tuna “melt in your mouth.” We did not get the omakase, but were incredibly pleased with the Deluxe Sushi Plate, and the Sashimi Plate. However, the atmosphere is SO stark. The restaurant has tried to take some helpful steps, like frosting 2/3 of the windows, and keeping one row of overhead lights turned off, but you can’t get around the sterile atmosphere. Lighting is still too harsh, and the restaurant is boringly monochromatic. We did not have a reservation and were sat immediately. I’m confident that people would roll in, but not until they make the space more intimate. Being in such a small room with bright lights highlighting every nook and cranny was a little uncomfortable. As for the service, once we flagged down our server (after ~10 minutes of sitting without menu or water), the service was very time-appropriate and consistent.
    I feel rather shallow for critiquing the place on aesthetics, but at this price level, I want a fabulous complete experience. That being said, I’ll happily dole out the money to get some take out and eat in the comfort of my home, three blocks away…paying for the food, but not the dine.