In the News: Police Officer on Rampage

••• “A policewoman-turned-‘raging bull’ was arrested Sunday after throwing her girlfriend into the plate-glass window of a Tribeca storefront.” (It was Canal Furniture on Broadway.) —New York Post

••• The Broadsheet looks at J&R’s ownership of 15 Park Row and decides that its “founders may be more interested in real estate than retail.” (Ya think?) This interesting tidbit was at the end: “When J&R shut down in early April, it left in its wake a trail of frustrated vendors (some of them based in Lower Manhattan), who had been holding outstanding invoices for more than a year. At least one of these vendors recently received a letter from J&R’s attorneys, promising eventually to pay a portion (but only a small portion) of what the company owed—if and when the sale of the penthouse unit at 15 Park Row closed. In exchange for this promise, the letter warned, the vendor was waiving any claim to full payment and any other legal recourse.”

••• The New York Post digs into the legal-but-smelly housecleaning at 22 River Terrace: “An obscure and controversial court ruling a few years ago allows a converter to deny market-rate tenants new leases during the time between the ‘red herring’ filing and its approval by the attorney general. That typical 120-to-180-day process gives the sponsor a four-to-six-month window in which to legally clean house. Centurion also canceled leases signed in late 2013 that included a 90-day cancellation rider—that’s legal, too—inserted by previous landlord Rockrose.”

••• “Two more people strolled through the gate [at the World Trade Center] last week, the Star-Ledger reports, neither of whom were trying to prove a point or to pull a stunt. They didn’t even really mean to.” —New York

••• Brushstroke now has à la carte options. —Eater

••• “Longtime art supply store Pearl Paint has fired 39 of its workers illegally, amid rumors that the store is set to shut down, the employees’ union says.” —DNAinfo

••• Prices etc. for the conversion at 11 Beach (the L-shaped building that also fronts Varick; it’s where the art school was). Here’s a rendering of the door. It must’ve been drawn on a holiday, when there’s no tunnel traffic. —Curbed

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  1. 22 River Terrace – NY Post article

    Thanks so much for bringing to light this terrible ordeal all of us at 22 River Terrace are going through. I would like to mention that Centurion is not doing anything to help tenants find alternative apartments nor are they extending anyone past their lease date. They are letting us leave early if someone wants to, but that is the extent of their help. According to Centurion themselves and the building’s managing agent Douglas Elliman, 22 River will not get AG approval until at least November or December, not July, and by that time the building will be 100% emptied of original tenants. Not one resident will have the right to buy their apartment at the offered inside price. Centurion started renewing rental leases in 0ctober 2013, after they bought the building, which contained the 90-day eviction/lease cancellation clause. While there may be some loophole in the law that allows them to do this, it clearly violates the spirit of the law, and all moral and ethical components.

  2. I’m all for tenants’ rights and such for lower income people that can’t move very easily but isn’t 22 River Terrace a market rate apartment?