Seen & Heard: Peeking Inside Tutto Il Giorno

Tutto Il Giorno 41514••• Ever since Terroir‘s Paul Grieco complained about bloggers taking photos of restaurants under construction, I have a policy of not doing it—but I’m defenseless when it comes to someone else sending in a shot. From anonymous: “We took this picture of Tutto Il Giorno on Franklin this morning. Also got a bit of an earful for taking it. Oops.”

••• Checking in on 56 Leonard… I have to stand increasingly far away in order to fit it all in one frame. The floor numbers on the hoist go to 17. (Later in the day I noticed that you can now see 56 Leonard from Harrison—see pic below. The building really is going to be visible from everywhere….)

••• From Andrea: “The towers have been howling for three days now, and it’s not windy. Was there more discussion about this a while back? Is it the [WTC] towers? I may soon be too far gone to care.” My understanding is that it might be windy up higher even if it’s not down here, but that’s all I know. I think we’re all hoping that the exterior hoist is responsible, and when it comes down, the wailing will stop. (P.S. I heard it on my way to Juice Press—it was really loud.)

••• On my way back from Juice Press, I stopped in at All Good Things to make sure everything was OK. (A few folks had emailed me about a fire there yesterday.) Chef Ryan Tate said they had too much cooking in the oven, and the chimney couldn’t handle it, but all is indeed good now.

••• Shooting tomorrow in northeast Tribeca: a pilot called The Mysteries of Laura. From the flyer: “a comedy based on a mother of two trying to juggle her kids and her career as a NYPD detective.” It stars Debra Messing and Josh Lucas, according to IMDB.

••• From NotifyNYC: “There will be a fireworks display over Ellis Island tonight at approximately 9:45 p.m.”

••• “They’re raising the crane and it’s spectacular,” emailed the anonymous photographer who sent over those marvelous pix of 30 Park Place (a.k.a. the Four Seasons). “It’s all being done by five guys.” See below.


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  1. How is construction going at 5 Franklin Place?
    Can you give us an update on that project?