Seen & Heard: Mother’s Day Pop-Up Flower Shop

48 Warren 41614••• “Never thought I’d see the day!” I said to the gentleman standing across from 48 Warren, where the windows have long been boarded up and painted over. “Neither did we!” he responded. We chatted a bit, and he explained that making the windows acceptable to Landmarks was the cause of the delay. I asked if the storefront was being dealt with, too; not yet, he said. (I didn’t bring up the time a neighbor contacted me to float the possibility that it was a house of ill repute.)

••• BOND New York’s Tribeca office will be the site of a Flowers by Yasmine pop-up shop for Mother’s Day weekend: “Flowers will be on display, sold and orders will be available to be picked up at 25 Hudson.” It’s May 10-11, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Above: A box of succulents, the likes of which will be among the options available.

••• I hear that the empty storefront on the northwest corner of Broadway and Franklin is being used for a film shoot (if you’re wondering what’s happening inside).

••• Anyone know what’s going into the storefront at 101 Leonard (also known to no one as The Leonard)? The sales office is gone and plywood appeared to be going up today.

••• Heather wanted a status report on Franklin Place, the building under construction on Broadway between White and Franklin. The hoist is up to nine stories stories (and the building will be 20). Below: the view from Franklin Place and Broadway, respectively. UPDATE: “I think Franklin Place poured floor 12 last week and will pour the next floor soon,” emailed a reader. “I have been told the building will top out in the next two months. Also heard the bus bulb in front on Broadway will be put back after the building is done (or close to it).” NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! NOT THE DREADED BUS BULB!!!!!!!!

Franklin Place from Franklin Place 41614Franklin Place from Broadway 41614

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  1. Has 48 Warren been vacant all this time?