Seen & Heard: Franklin Street Restaurant

••• The Cuban restaurant coming to 175 Franklin—with chef Alex Garcia consulting—appears to be progressing.

••• My, 42 Walker (right) is looking swell!

••• Tribeca Trust is having a Spybeca Scavenger Hunt on May 3: “Volunteers (mostly teens) will be handing out clue sheets at Reade and W. Broadway from 12:30-1:30 p.m. The hunt takes about 90 minutes and is family-friendly and can be done by groups of teens. Completed and correct clue sheets will be put into a same-day drawing for a variety of prizes at the last stop of the hunt. Prizes include a $100 gift card from Barnes & Noble. The hunt mixes a variety of film and history trivia facts, architectural observations, and food tasting hints.”

••• It’s looking increasingly unlikely that the Real Estate Sales Reports aren’t coming back—I asked the folks at StreetEasy if they’d consider tweaking their API, to no avail. Anyway, you can get to the same info this way: 1) Create a free StreetEasy account, if you don’t have one. 2) Click the “recorded sales” tab near the top of 3) Choose “Tribeca” as your location—I always love how when you type in “tr” it auto-choose FiDi…. 4) Click “advanced options” and choose “last 7 days” (or whatever) from  the drop-down menu. 5) Click “search,” and there you go.

••• 70 Franklin is looking very spiffy. Not the storefront, actually, but maybe it’s next?

70 Franklin