Welcome to TweeBeCa: Special Celebrity Edition!

All good New Yorkers know they’re not supposed to bother celebrities, but that doesn’t mean they can’t tweet about spotting them out and about.

tweet 50 centtweet stelter kantor tweet usher tweet tracy anderson tweet Ian Ziering tweet reese witherspoon tweet questlove tweet Sofia Coppola tweet Mike Myers tweet Naomi Watts tweet katie holmes tweet lena dunham tweet Jessica Chastain tweet Gergiev tweet jeremy piven tweet dave grohl tweet carine roitfeld tweet roger federertweet ryan and blaketweet gyllenhaal crying

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  1. Curious: Is “ratchet” “wretched” in 50cent tweet? Ken Kesey reference? Something else? Sorry, not up to speed on that.

    • A term for a ugly, funky, and stupid person. Bascially means the same thing as hot mess. Or a term for a place or thing that is old and busted.
      You: “Look how that bitch look today!”

      Me: “Yea, that hoe stay lookin ratched!”


      You:”Man that girl house was dirty!”

      Me:”Yea that sh*t was pretty ratched.”

  2. too many celeb references, I like it better when it’s wry observations about Tribeca…

  3. Really. 40 years ago, 100 years ago, we had celebrities walking around and the deal was NO BIG DEAL. Get over it.