In the News: Pier 26 Estuarium Gets Funding

••• “A new educational facility will be built on Hudson River Park’s Pier 26, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Friday. The Pier 26 Estuarium, which will also be used for research purposes will focus on the Hudson River Estuary, where ocean and fresh water meet and mingle with the tides. […] The construction of the center, which could be as large as 12,000 square feet, will be funded through $10 million in grant money. Most of it will come from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and the state Department of Environmental Conservation.” —Crain’s

••• A Broadsheet article on the possible sale of 400 Chambers (Tribeca Park) includes background on ground rent. And this: “Any windfall earned by the company that purchases the building will likely be shared by the Battery Park City Authority. Tribeca Park’s ground lease also contains a provision requiring that, if the building is ever converted into a condominium, the owner will have to pay the Authority two percent of the purchase price of each unit. Assuming an average purchase price of $1 million for each of the buildings 390-plus units, the BPCA’s share of these transactions could eventually amount to nearly $8 million.”

••• “Two bumbling art thieves tried to pull a caper at Paul’s Baby Grand, the hip lounge inside the Tribeca Grand Hotel, but were busted by the bartender. We’re told that at 4 a.m. Sunday, the guests attempted to steal a painting by contemporary artist Josh Smith […] by tearing it off the wall and throwing it out the window into the bushes.” —New York Post

••• “Elected officials have jumped onto a campaign to have the State Liquor Authority deny Greenhouse’s liquor license renewal request. According to a scathing editorial in The Villager, State Senator Brad Hoylman, Assemblymember Deborah Glick, and Councilmember Corey Johnson have all written letters to the SLA asking them to deny the renewal, which is needed before the license expires at the end of April.” —Eater

••• “Spring Shape-Up Secrets from the Fashion Crowd’s Favorite New Gym,” S10 Training. Regarding the backs of your thighs: “Eat more cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli, cauliflower and kale. They metabolize the environmental toxins that this area of your body stores, making it leaner.” —T Magazine

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  1. The Villager editorial incorrectly quotes crime statistics implying that Greenhouse is located in the 6th Precinct.
    It is actually in the 1st Precinct.

  2. Is a restaurant planned for Pier 26 as well? Any word on who will be operating it?

  3. Great, hopefully the River Project will run the Estuarium; after all, Cathy Drew has been collecting data from that location long, long before the waterfront was fashionable. The River Project has been a wonderful educational asset to our community, and their return to PIer 26 is long overdue.

  4. I am also hoping that Cathy Drew and the River Project will be running the Estuarium. Erik do you have any information on this?