Seen & Heard: The AT&T Long Lines Building Comes Alive!

ATT Long Lines Building by Debbie••• “Look at the AT&T monolith in the middle of Tribeca!” emailed Debbie last night. “It’s changing by the minute. For the Tribeca Film Festival?” I don’t know! I’ll ask. In the meantime, if you know why, let me know. (And @AlbertCLee tweeted the one at right in response to my asking on Twitter.) Update: The Tribeca Film Festival says it has nothing to do with them.

••• From the reader who goes by the name of Hudson River: “Workers at El Vez said today they’re opening Friday and a menu may be available earlier this week.”

••• A noteworthy comment from Peter Zwicker, son of Sherman Zwicker, on the post about the Grand Banks raw bar opening on the Sherman Zwicker ship coming to Pier 25: “A fitting tribute to the man for whom the vessel was named. Although her working days are a mere memory, to be used as an oyster bar is appropriate as my father loved oysters.”

••• The Friends of Bogardus Garden Jazzfest is Sunday, April 27, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. There will be performances by the Jordan Young Trio, Mike Forzano Trio, and Robby Ameen Trio. (Together, as crossword fans will know, they could make a nonet!) Also, kids’ crafts, cookie decorating, and refreshments.

••• Thursday, May 15: “Who Owns the Waterfront,” covering “the history of the NYC waterfront, historic preservation, waterfront development, and the public trust doctrine.” Panelists include New Amsterdam Market’s Robert LaValva. Info here.

••• From Henge (photo, too): “Battery Park Conservancy just put in a new sculptural concrete ping pong table in Rockefeller Park this past Monday. I’m happy to send more info, just let me know. New York now has 20 permanent ping pong tables around the city.”

Rockefeller Park table tennis courtesy Henge

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  1. I walked by El Vez on Saturday, and there was someone official-looking just outside holding a menu and describing it to ~20 staff in uniform. Assume the nice weather let them have class outside. Either way, good signs for it opening soon.