Pearl Paint Has Indeed Closed

That was fast: Just two weeks after the sales listing for its two buildings was discovered, Pearl Paint has closed. “The now-shuttered building, at 308 Canal, is up for sale, ending the store’s 50-year presence on the street and more than 80 years in the neighborhood,” says the Tribeca Trib. “(Pearl Paint opened on Church Street in 1933, selling house paint.)”

We’ll have to see if the buildings (304-306 Canal) survive the change. According to the listing, “The building delivers over 2,000 SF of air rights. Due to the sizable floor plates, phenomenal location for retail (Canal) and residential (Lispenard), the building offers a great opportunity for a developer, investor and/or user. The space can be delivered vacant.”

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  1. weak! now I will have to walk past the designer knock-off handbag sellers on canal and broadway instead of avoiding them by walking through Pearl Paint.

  2. Sorry to hear this. I’ve always loved the sense of treasure finding I had a Pearl Paint.

  3. Pearl Paint. J&R. Loheman’s. Dante’s (Village cafe). A plague year. How much poorer our city has become as my place flings itself headlong into everyplace.

  4. Say it isn’t so. Pearl Paint closed. I’d rather believe Jesus did not die on the cross than to believe Pearl Paint is closed. As a long time artist I will say I do not like art supply stores and clerks even less. Finally when I discover a “REAL’ art supply store, it closes. Every time. I for one will truly miss Pearl Paint.

  5. Just think of all the great artists that have bought supplies at that store and then take that history and throw it away. that is the problem with NYC!

  6. Sad to see Pearl close, but happy there are new art stores opening up in Uptown- Artist and Craftsman Supply is on 125th and Adam Clayton Powell- huge store with a huge selection. Better prices than Pearl.

  7. No more quick runs up to canal street after realizing something is needed in the studio….I suppose this is another example of running to the computer, instead.

    Maybe Pearl Paint and Canal Jeans are both in a better place.:)

  8. I shopped there last week and asked the cashier about the rumors that they were closing…she said only the frame shop is closing. She said they were downsizing but remaining open. Has anyone actually called the company to verify this closing info?

    • ^ Uh, yeah. That was in 1999. That matter has been long resolved and in the past.

  9. There were lot of artists who preferred buying paint at that store. It’s sad to see Pearl close. The best alternative would be as they provide great prices and best deals in the online space. It’s a great option as I have had a great experience with the online store and the pricings.

  10. My first job after moving to NYC in 1993 was at Pearl Paint. Saddened to hear this.