First Look Inside 7 Harrison

7 Harrison1The New York Times has a big article about how architect Steven Harris—whose pretty new loft we just peeped—used to live at 7 Harrison, and when the new owners wanted to buy him out to convert it, they all agreed that he should be involved. (The article also has lots of Tribeca-back-in-the-day anecdotes, along with drops this nugget: “Kevin Spacey calls a penthouse across the Staple Street alley home.”)

Anyway, back to 7 Harrison: “Mr. Harris also did away with the typically lofty open floor plans, saying no one wants to look at dirty dishes during their dinner parties. The homes have the dimensions of Duane Street, but the proportions of Park Avenue, with separate living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms, all off a central gallery. The inspiration is as much Rosario Candela as Donald Judd. While Mr. Harris typically refuses developer jobs, he has typically gone all out here. Leather walls, retro light switches more befitting a rocket console and replica Bauhaus kitchen faucets—all are hallmarks of the designer’s carefree and understated opulence.” I think in this instance, “carefree” means you have a housekeeper.

Moreover, a reader spotted a listing for #2 with eight interior shots on StreetEasy: “Wasn’t sure if anyone was already aware but I think it’s the first time I’ve seen any details/photos/pictures of this development.” I’d imagine it’s the showroom apartment (the NYT has another photo that it took).

7 Harrison4 7 Harrison5 7 Harrison6 7 Harrison2 7 Harrison7 7 Harrison3 7 Harrison8 7 Harrison floorplan

Speaking of floor plans. The 7 Harrison site has the north floor plan here and the south floor plan here. And then there’s the rendering of the Atelier, “a unique duplex residence measuring over 3,100 square feet offering 3 bedrooms, 3 and a half bathrooms and a private landscaped garden of approximately 300 square feet. The centerpiece of the atelier is the grand salon, where a custom steel casement window wall by Bliss Nor Am extends more than 23 feet to the ceiling and frames the view to the private garden with its 20-foot tall green wall covered in English ivy.”

7 Harrison atelier