Canis Minor Is Leaving Its Reade Street Shop

canis-minor-by-tribeca-citizenThe Commercial Observer reported something I had heard a while back, which is that Canis Minor’s space at 106 Reade is on the market. I was hoping the pet-supply shop might be able to stay, but the post says that “the retail unit […] will become available on June 1.”

I called the shop, and I was told that the rent had been raised by $6,000 and that owner Darryl Ng is looking for another space nearby. Let’s hope he finds one.

P.S. The broker “described the space as ideal for children’s clothing store or learning center because it is located on what he said has become a ‘kid-centric’ block, with Reade Street Prep and Gymboree located nearby.” Of course, that’s arguably a good reason not to have another kid-related business there….

UPDATE: I hear from Darryl that the shop is month-to-month from June 1.

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  1. OMFG, this sucks!

  2. Nooooo! Canis Minor was my go-to spot. Hoping they find something near the original location.

  3. Oh no! I often stop by Canis Minor when I visit Tribeca and pick up something to bring home for my dogs. Hope they find another location in the area soon.

  4. I wouldn’t worry about Canis Minor, The TrIraq Movement has suspended their War against Mailboxes, Cross Walk Signals, and Brick Facades and directed their militia of mini-men & women, with their parents’ prior written approval, to put down their backpacks filled with spray paint and pick up commercial real estate classifieds to help find Canis Minor a suitable place to relocate to, in the same neighborhood that they continuously try to redevelopment while also waging war against. Stay safe, TriIraqis, and remember to be home by 11pm or your father is going to make you get a part-time job at Starbucks, where you can only smoke pot while on your walking-breaks around the neighborhood.

  5. Canis Minor is our go to pet store with a knowledgable and caring staff. I hope they find a new location soon and shame on the owners for raising the rent so substantially. TriBeCa has maintained is charm largely due to the mom and pop stores. Give them a break!

  6. Oh no….love that place. Whatever comes in is going to have my dog scratching at their entrance every time he walks by!