Correction: No Obfuscation at 11 Sixth Ave.

11 Sixth Ave 4514On April 10, I ran two posts (here and here) about 11 Sixth Ave., the two-story building where a restaurant is going in. A neighbor, upset by the brick wall being constructed in front of his window, had looked up the plans on the DOB’s site, and found that they called for rooftop seating, something that had not been mentioned at the Community Board 1 discussions.

Last week, I received an email from the building’s owner, Gregory Nardello:

First off, the building plans that were published on your website and were also used as the basis for these wildly inaccurate articles, were NEVER approved. They were preliminary plans, which were later changed to NOT include ANY rooftop seating. Did it not raise any flags that the architecture firm posted on the fence of the building did not match the architect on the plans that you published? Maybe next time you will think twice before you blindly take information from a “nosy neighbor” and pass it on to the public.

I assure you that I am not trying to pull a fast one on CB1, the DOB, nor the SLA. Furthermore, posting slanderous information about myself and my business is unethical for a “journalist.” By labeling me a liar, you are destroying my reputation which I value throughout the community of Tribeca, as well as the reputation of the future business I am trying to open. As for the surrounding neighbors, whom you and the “man in the window” scared with all this hyperbole about roof decks and live music, I would like them to know that I would never build anything that negatively affects their quality of life. If anything, it is my intention to add to their quality of life by replacing a vacant building with a new restaurant, giving them other options for fine dining.

I don’t ever aim to post incorrect information—that doesn’t do anyone any good. I had tried to reach Mr. Nardello prior to the initial post, but I did not hear back from him.

I waited a few days to post this correction because I was under the impression that Mr. Nardello wanted me to post a corrected rendering, but I may have been mistaken, because he has not responded further. I did speak to the current architect, Steve Wygoda of SWA Architecture, who explained that the DOB website continues to list plans as approved even after they’ve been withdrawn, causing confusion. “There will be some equipment on the roof, exactly what was told to the Community Board, not any different from that,” he said of the current plans. This is obviously good news.

My sincere apologies to Mr. Nardello. I’m sure we will all give his restaurant a warm welcome when it opens.

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  1. Dear Gregory

    I’m actually the “man in the window” and the person whose windows are now completely obstructed by your wall after living here for over 15 years. My apartment now has zero daylight because of the wall.
    I actually tried to reach to you many times and left my info with your daughter at your other location. i also reached to your architect and he would not share the new plans with me.
    I would have been very happy to be able to talk to you to see how the wall could have been less high, painted white…or any other option that would make it less disruptive.