Seen & Heard: Brookfield Place Food Court Delayed

••• The reader known as Hudson River reports in about Brookfield Place: “I had chats with a couple of the guards today and they both said the food court is now scheduled to open May 17. It could go on like this for awhile, you know.” Truer words….

60 Beach••• Browsing the recorded sales on StreetEasy this week, I see that Massimo and Natasha Caronna of the Brunello Cucinelli menswear brand bought an $8.9 million apartment at 250 West. And perhaps more interestingly, it looks like actress Bridget Moynahan bought on Beach Street. (Yep, she did.)

••• There’s a big emergency response exercise this morning at the World Trade Center PATH station.

••• From M.: “Did you know that the owner of one of the horses in the Kentucky Derby lives in 166 Duane? The horse is named Samraat. Don’t know the owner’s name but this is what I was told. Apparently some people around the ‘hood have hats with his name (the horse’s).” According to this, Samraat is owned by Leonard Riggio of Barnes & Noble…?

••• Tribeca Trust has a spiffy new Google map of Tribeca Landmarks.

••• Now showing at Kansas gallery: Michael Berryhill’s “Beggars Blanket.”