Seen & Heard: Mickey Drexler’s Townhouse

This is a slightly different format than most Seen & Heard posts, because every item has a photo. The text for each image runs directly below it.

The door of La Garçonne—the fashion boutique coming to upper Greenwich (Watts/Desbrosses)—was open today. The store looks lovely! But maybe not so close to ready.

Jim Joe carpet at Carini LangCarini LangLoved the street-artist carpet exhibit at Carini Lang. A favorite: Jim Joe’s (above, top). And the blue plywood around the columns was customized just for the show by Robert Janz—and then the attendees at the opening had their way with it.

300 Spring restaurantLooks like the former Cherrywood Kitchen space at 300 Spring (between Hudson and Renwick) is getting a new restaurant. I saw subway tile when I peeked in…. Know anything about it? In the past, the space has proved—I hate to say “jinxed,” so how about problematic. Let’s cross our fingers this one sticks.

48 Warren48 Warren looks so much better with unboarded windows!

84 White StThe street-level part of 84 White has been unveiled, sort of. This building is still mysterious—I’ve seen no efforts to sell or rent the units.

464 GreenwichI learned something I imagine a lot of northwest Tribeca knows—that J. Crew CEO Mickey Drexler owns 464 Greenwich and is making it into a single-family residence. From the DOB in 2009: “GUT/REHAB AND CONVERSION OF EXISTING OLD-CODE 4-FAMILY MIXED-USE BUILDING INTO A ONE-FAMILY RESIDENTIAL BUILDING.” I guess the 140 Franklin loft was just to see him through construction?

Hideaway crab nightThe Hideaway’s crab night is back.

Sweet Green facadeSweet Green’s white facade must have been primer. It’s brown again—and when I peeked in, the inside looked close to finished.

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  1. We are so thrilled about SweetGreen. I still miss Peace and Love but at least we’ll have this replacement. Speaking of …any word about Peace and Love?