Another Day, Another Independent Store Closes

Manhattan Books on Chambers Street is closing. Workers there told Andrea that the lease is up and the rent tripled. (And a staffer heard it might become a Hale & Hearty or something similar.) Says Andrea: “The shelves are almost bare already, but there are still a lot of deals at 50% off—especially on the kids’ books and craft supplies.” It had opened in 1990.



  1. So sad! I loved getting stuff for my kids there!

  2. Major bummer! That was a great place to buy arts & crafts supplies.

  3. So Sad! Def agree about it being a great place for art supplies. Where can we go now?

  4. Unreal! No Pearl Paint. No Manhattan books. Where is the mother of artistic kids to shop? My daughters say a Hale and Hearty is taking over…..