In the News: Preschool Discrimination Lawsuit

••• “Jennifer Sample and Eliot Ferguson are hitting Washington Market School and two administrators with a discrimination lawsuit, saying they were told their son would ‘not be a good fit’ after his diagnosis” of autism. “Sample and Ferguson say the school booted their son—referred to in the lawsuit as ‘O.F.’—the same day it hosted esteemed autism activist Temple Grandin as a speaker.” —Daily News

••• Security-lockdown alert: President Obama will be on hand to dedicate the 9/11 Museum on Thursday, May 15. —Daily News

••• “Owners of the West Village bar Little Branch and shuttered Tribeca bar Silver Lining are planning a new cocktail spot in Bed-Stuy.” Which is in Brooklyn? —DNAinfo (via Eater)

••• An item in the New York Times listed the acts in this year’s Seaport Music Festival, but it’s not online. The festival’s website, meanwhile, seems to be having issues of its own. And I’m not sure if it’s the same thing as the Village Voice 4Knots Music Festival, in the Seaport on July 11. Anyway, here’s the pertinent info, from the Times: “The festival opens with the Detroit post-punk band Protomartyr and the Toronto group Alvvays on July 11. Among the highlights are Torres, a singer from Brooklyn (July 25); the Casket Girls, a new trio from Savannah (Aug. 1); and the Boogarins, a Brazilian duo that plays darkly riffy psychedelic pop (Aug. 15). Joanna Gruesome, a quintet from Cardiff, Wales, that produces a texturally dense, high-energy sound, will close the festival on Aug. 29.”

••• The New York Post‘s crime blotter includes a few local thefts.

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  1. my daughter was in Montessori school in tribeca for 3 months and when i got her autism diagnose, they called me in the office and told me my daughter don’t belong here.. thank you very much and handed me a check..

  2. Because preschools are private, they can really do anything they want. Preschool education isn’t mandated in the US. Which means that kids don’t legally have to attend preschool.

    However there are some great specialized schools in this city, some of them free. I’d suggest looking into a school that has the staff to handle your special needs child. They’ll probably end up better off because of it.

    • I don’t know if that is completely accurate. I believe that if the school receives any money from state or fed government (could be in the form of tax relief) then they cannot just do whatever they want.

      But agree that a specialized school is probably the best way to go.

  3. This is a private school, so they can do anything they want I believe.

  4. I have no doubt that the other parents from the school will rally around Jennifer & Eliot and pressure the school to readmit their son pronto. The school may be able to do whatever they want, but they should “Do the Right Thing.” Where have I heard that before?

  5. We had a child in our class for 6 years who I believe required many more services than the public school was able to provide. The amount of time taken away from the other 29 students in the class to deal with this child on a daily basis was substantial and I believe proved detrimental to the child himself and the class as a whole.

  6. So those 29 students have never recovered from not being the center of attention at all times? How will they make it out there in “Perfect World”?
    I hope the other parents rally around TribecaMom and these poor 29 students. I agree, the only child who should be exposed to substantial detrimental learning environments is the one with the “problem.” Not in my cobblestoned backyard!!!

    • It was detrimental to the student who required the services that were not available in a public school since when the child was not able to function in the classroom environment, spent countless hours in the principal’s office. It was a lose, lose situation on all sides. My child is doing fine, thanks for asking.

      • But you said that it “proved detrimental to the child himself AND the class as a whole?” So nice to hear that your child has successfully recovered, I hope the other 28 students are doing just as well. So that “child” had the same diagnosis and needs that Jennifer & Eliot’s child has? Or do you just “believe” that’s the case? Sounds like we need to divert the Taste of Tribeca fundraising to help provide those services that aren’t provided in public schools.

  7. I can’t get the Taste of Tribeca bullshit out of my mouth from all of the Tribullshit that the areas kids are so “deprived” of the arts. I hope that the chefs & sommeliers take extra time with the local toddlers, so they grow up expecting rent subsidies to pursue their finger painting and summers in the vineyards of Northern California. Iron Chefs aren’t autistic and don’t come from east of Broadway, so why waste our time with those “children”?