Seen & Heard: Sixth Avenue’s New Peninsula

••• The NYC Department of Transportation believes you will feel safer crossing Sixth/Church at Franklin now that it has created a big, long peninsula for you. (It’s getting raised, if I remember correctly. Ugh, do you think they’ll paint it turquoise?) Looking south—as in the photo at right—you’ll see that the bike lane shifts to the middle of the avenue….

••• Something called Spoon University is offering a preview of Sweet Green on Monday and Tuesday, in advance of its pay-what-you-want-for-charity preview on Wednesday. And something called Undo is offering a “private” tasting on Monday. The official opening on Thursday is beginning to seem more than a little anti-climactic.

••• The folks at La Colombe said work is indeed going on inside the new Café Noir coming to 35 Lispenard.

••• The New York City Rescue Mission’s addition has been unveiled. What, you thought the organization would spend its money on Calatrava?

••• “Has anyone else written in to complain about the construction going on at BMCC on Harrison? They’ve been working very loudly throughout the night (10pm-8am) as to not disturb the students, but what about the neighbors? I’d love to know what you’re hearing!” —B.

••• My Google alert on “Tribeca” caught a Yelp reference to Revolution Sandwich, a new delivery-only restaurant. The address is 52 Walker, which is M1-5—and the URL,, goes to M1-5’s site. So it looks like M1-5 is looking to make use of its kitchen during the day.

••• Opening May 15 at Cheryl Hazan: a group show called “Surface Sounds.” Right: Antonio Marra’s “And here exactly starts the problem (Und genau hier beginnt mein Problem)”

••• On May 14, Poets House will be the site of “a live recording of public radio’s Person, Place, Thing, hosted by Randy Cohen. In this twist on the traditional interview show, guests reflect on a person, place, and thing that have influenced their lives.” Guests include poet Tracy K. Smith and musician Jefferson Hamer. Tickets are $25 (or $30 for non-members) and the event benefits Poets House.

••• Birdbath has some cute egg-shaped candles—possibly left over from Easter, but so what?

Birdbath candles

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  1. Unfortunately, the PENISula will only be big and long on hot days, on cold days it will be a lot smaller. The DOT stated it will only be raised when it gets excited.