A New Hotel in Northwest Tribeca

I’ve now heard this from enough people that I have no choice but to repeat it: The Chad-Erik EZ Park lot at 454 Greenwich (along Desbrosses and through to Washington) is going to be a hotel. Possibly with condos—the only people who can say for sure are at Ponte Equities, and they apparently talk to everyone in northwest Tribeca except the press.

As you can see from the annotated Google Map below, the plot is larger than it looks from Greenwich. That it’s being developed is no surprise: Soil tests were conducted back in July of 2013. The most recent permit, from May 1, on the Department of Buildings website is “TO CONSTRUCT NEW NON BEARING PARTITION. NO CHANGE TO USE, EGRESS OR OCCUPANCY.” It was filed, however, by Gene Kaufman, the architect responsible for a number of undistinguished hotels in recent years. And folks in the area say that inspections on nearby buildings have begun.

According to Department of Buildings records, the building is landmarked, but it hardly seems a stretch to argue that it’s not essential to the area’s historic character. Unrelated, probably: The building was the site of a fire in February of 2013.

I’ll keep an eye on the DOB site, but in the meantime, if you see/hear anything, let me know.

454 GreenwichThe view from the southwest….

454 Greenwich2

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