Seen & Heard: W. Broadway Nightclub

Haus screengrab2••• Remember when the folks from Haus, taking over the Canal Room space at W. Broadway and Canal, swore that it wouldn’t be a nightclub? (Reading that post now makes me wonder why I even questioned it.) I don’t believe that Haus has applied for a cabaret license yet.

••• Arcade Bakery is all set to debut at 8 a.m. in 40 Worth—the doors on Church (between Worth and Thomas) should be open—with pastries, coffee, and more. Bread will be baked all day, and pizzas and sandwiches start at lunchtime. Full report to come soon.

••• Just noticed this storefront at 93 Worth is papered with cherry-blossom imagery. A new florist? A nail salon?

••• From Community Board 1: A special meeting will be held at 6 p.m. on Monday, June 16 regarding: “Seaport Mixed Use Project, application for Tin Building, pavilions under FDR Drive and Link Building by Howard Hughes Corporation.” It’s at Southbridge Towers (90 Beekman, in the Community Room).

••• Annie Fitzsimmons raved about JEM Fabrics (355 Broadway) on Instagram (and I didn’t know JEM did this kind of stuff): “One of those places you can’t believe still exists in NYC, in Tribeca especially. A mishmash of every fabric you can imagine—they’ll do alterations but also replicate pieces you bring in with whatever fabric you choose at great prices. I’m bringing in my favorite dresses & skirts to replicate!”

••• Downtown Boathouse opens for the season today at Pier 40, while it waits for its new digs at Pier 26 to be ready.

••• The ARChive of Contemporary Music’s summer record and CD sale is June 7-15, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

••• Yesterday’s storm uprooted my favorite tree in City Hall Park.

City Hall Park tree

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  1. It told me you were its favorite mobile life form before the conflagration

  2. No appletini for you. :-(