Another Danny Meyer Restaurant in Lower Manhattan

“Union Square Events will open a small restaurant inside the National September 11 Memorial Museum this summer with about 80 seats and a subdued, seasonal, mostly vegetarian menu,” says the New York Times. “The menu, developed with John Karangis, executive chef for Union Square Events, incorporates comfort foods like tomato soup, grilled cheese and brownies; ingredients from local farms; and appetizers designed to be shared, like ricotta with peas; salmon confit; and red lentil hummus. There will also be breakfast pastries, New York-made draft beers and American wines on tap.”

If you’ll excuse me, I need to go peel my eyebrows off the ceiling. Or maybe I’ll spend my evening writing mock Yelp reviews…. “WHy do they have to sell foods like humus from the Mid East?!?!? Thats terrorist food!! :(”

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  1. Great, we need another restaurant like we need another dry cleaning nail salon. Am I right, people? Huh, how about all of those nail salons? Am I the first to point that out?