Bigger! Better! The New Collect Pond Park Is Open

Collect Pond Park pond4The long-overlooked Collect Pond Park has finally reopened after a major renovation, including an expansion at the expense of some parking. The weather today doesn’t show it off at its best, but the park—bordered by Lafayette, Centre, Franklin, and Leonard, more or less—is lovely! The centerpiece is a wide (but not deep) water feature that nods to the area’s history, as explained in a series of five panels. What I enjoyed most is the perspective you get on the surrounding buildings, some of which are old and grand, some of which are old and abused, some of which are contemporary—and that mix is, for me, what makes New York City architecture exciting. If nothing else, it’s one more newly refurbished place (after Federal Plaza) for local workers and folks on jury duty to sit outside—if they can move the chairs, which are so heavy I thought they were bolted to the ground. P.S. No dogs.

Collect Pond Park from the southwestCollect Pond Park tableCollect Pond Park benchCollect Pond Park pondCollect Pond Park pond2Collect Pond Park bridgeCollect Pond Park pond5Collect Pond Park pond6Collect Pond Park table2Collect Pond Park pond3Collect Pond Park signage1Collect Pond Park signage2Collect Pond Park signage3Collect Pond Park signage4Collect Pond Park signage5

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  1. talk about an up-grade to the park prior. looks lovely :)

  2. Prepare for the same uptick in mosquitoes (which spawn in standing water) as experienced in and around the neighborhood of the WTC reflecting pool

  3. Why the geometric / right-angled pool in memory of a near-circular “natural” pond?

    Paul Willen