In the News: Whole Foods Tribeca Accused of Racism

Whole-Foods-Tribeca-by-Tribeca-Citizen-300x220••• “A black teacher filed a civil rights lawsuit against Whole Foods after a security guard at the [Tribeca store] stopped him from eating the prepared food he had bought in their dining area, federal court papers state. ‘They didn’t allow me to take my food upstairs and they stopped me and asked for a receipt,’ said Moses Torres, 54.” —New York Post

••• “A bitter war continues to divide the tenants of Southbridge Towers as to whether to take the co-op out of the subsidized Mitchell-Lama program and make it private. […] Errors were found in the offering plan causing 200 pages of it to have to be reprinted—twice. Now, the privatization vote will likely take place in September with an official informational meeting held sometime in July.” —Downtown Post NYC

••• The New York Times profiles Peter Poulakakos, whose Pier A Harbor House opens this summer. On the Battery Maritime Building: “Already eight years in the process, Mr. Poulakakos is renovating the place with the Dermot Company. Soon it will have a great hall on the ground floor for public use, a 61-room hotel on the second floor (some with balconies overlooking New York Harbor), and a modern glass restaurant added to the top.”

••• Maybe you shouldn’t ask someone you just met at Raccoon Lodge to watch your iPhone, laptop, free-standing speaker, and pre-paid debit card. —New York Post