An Update on Le District

One final note from last night’s preview of Hudson Eats at Brookfield Place (which opens Tuesday): Chef Jordi Vallès, who is overseeing the “French Eataly”—a ground-floor marketplace and collection of restaurants—was on hand to remind folks that there’s a second wave of food coming. He said the restaurant components were scheduled to open in the fourth quarter of 2014, with the market to follow in the first quarter of 2015. A handout shows the layout of Le District, as well as lists the various capacities and includes some new renderings. Click to enlarge.

Brookfield Place Le District mapBrookfield Place Le District renderings1Brookfield Place Le District renderings2



  1. For Downtowners, the big question remains:

    What are the hours and days when everything does open?

    Will Hudson Eats and Le District and the Fulton Center be 9 to 5 M-F: or, really recognize the needs of residents and so stay open in the evenings and weekends?

    The record is not good and most places see to the needs of workers and sometimes tourists. I hope this time they will include those of us who consider Downtown home.

    • In April, I heard that Hudson Eats’s “hours will be 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Sunday—and Brookfield is insisting all the vendors adhere to those hours.” I haven’t been able to confirm that with Brookfield; I’ve emailed the head of PR and the head of leasing, and I tweeted the question to them. We’ll see. My hunch is that they’ll all be open on the weekend, but possibly with abbreviated menus.

      As for Le District, I’d be shocked if Peter Poulakakos would have it only be open on weekdays. He wants a lively downtown as much as anyone.

      (Fulton Center is anyone’s guess, but let’s see what it nabs before we worry about it; if the restaurant isn’t along the lines of Olive Garden or TGI Friday’s, I’ll be surprised.)

    • EXACTLY.
      60,000 people have moved downtown to live there.
      yet the supporting infrastructure is built for people who work there.
      every place, retailers/restaurants, caters to 9-5.
      bring em in, move em out.
      we need an Odeon.
      someplace that isn’t just for tourists with tired feet.
      someplace that isn’t a feed hall for people rushing to get back to their desks or whose space is mostly used for people waiting in line to order.
      someplace with waiters and waitresses, not a line of servers who make your food in front of you.
      someplace that is thinking of residents.
      someplace that cares about its food and atmosphere.
      someplace people will come downtown for.

  2. Marbellera, it is absolutely untrue that “every place” (or even most) caters to the 9-5 crowd. That was true several years ago but not today. You ignore the fact that even though 61,000 people do now live here, more than 350,000 office workers are here too as well as millions of tourists and increasingly thousands of hotel guests, so of course lots of the food trade will cater to that crowd. That said, big changes are coming. McNally & Collichio are said to be opening restaurants at the Beekman. Another 15,000 sf high end restaurant is said to be coming to 70 Pine. Others are on the way including Da Claudio on Ann Street. Still other restaurateurs are said to be scouting the area. But make no mistake. There will always be a focus on faster food because that IS a very important part of the market. I love the area and where it is headed and it’s exciting to see.