Attack of the Real Estate Developers!

drone2I was walking Howard along Warren when I noticed something flying overhead, and unlike with helicopters, it was relatively silent. Then I saw the shape—like a spider, or maybe a giant robot tick. Wouldn’t you know that I didn’t have my real camera on me, just my phone. It disappeared behind a building, then popped back up and down again—so fast I couldn’t get a good close-up. It was crazy! I was thinking that they really should warn residents about such mindblowing things—imagine if I had been high!—until I realized that I appeared to be the only person who thought it was remotely interesting. It landed on 149 Church, so I guess we can assume that the new owner, Cape Advisors, has big plans, or at least ambitions—because the only time I’ve heard about drones used for real estate is to get a sense of views from as-yet-unbuilt heights.

UPDATE: Reader Chris, who flies drones for a hobby, commented that it’s probably the DJI S1000 (click that link to see a much better look at the thing).

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  1. It would make sense that real estate agents would use a drone in the shape of a bloodsucking tick.

  2. KP… Hilarious!! hahha :)

  3. Hello Chicken Little!

  4. I just came back from work and saw the same drone in the same spot on Warren around 8pm.

  5. Flying a drone is illegal except in sanctioned model aircraft parks — of which there are three in the city. if that wasn’t being used for official use or with official permission, that is illegal.

    drones are used all the time now in real estate, btw. I fly a few in eastern PA and am always approached to take pictures of lots and properties.

    If you doubt my bonafides, I can name the drone from that pic.

    DJI S1000

  6. Maybe we can get CB1 to start a Drone task force to study the problem or “frame” something….

  7. They were flying it pretty high, so I have to imagine they are excited about the possibility of air rights…. I hope they dont get them!

  8. I know it’s cool these days to want to preserve the neighborhood but anything that’s built there will be better than the pos that’s sitting on church now.