In the News: Nine-Story Penthouse Atop the Woolworth Building

••• The New York Post has a write-up on Haus, the nightclub opening at Canal and W. Broadway. “The 5,300-square-foot three-level space [features] a 16-foot tin ceiling that can reflect ‘16.7 million shades of color, all individually controlled with a push of a button by Matrix software,’ a spokesperson said.” Hmm…. The space was only two levels when Haus presented itself to CB1 Tribeca for liquor-license-application review. Also, New York Post: It’s pretty obviously in Tribeca, not Soho.

••• A New York Times article (that goes into quite the detail) about an illicit strip/sex club in Times Square has this last line: “When he thinks the police are on to him, Tony said, he will find a new location. He is currently considering space in the financial district.”

••• “Preliminary pricing has been revealed for the Woolworth Building condos, and the penthouse will be listed for an eye-popping $110 million, according to Bloomberg News, which found the number on the project’s offering plan [….] But perhaps even more mindboggling than the price is the revelation that the Woolworth penthouse will span nine stories.” —Curbed (The photo below is courtesy the Atlantic Terra Cotta Company, presumably via the Skyscraper Museum’s 2013 exhibit on the building.)



  1. Re: sex club that you describe as “skeevy” and “sad” on your FB link:

    This is troubling – to think that the high caliber of the neighborhood and positive moral and ethical atmosphere of the Financial District might be sullied by people engaged in less than completely honorable social interactions. I say we start a movement to banish all such practices from this sanctified locus of our nation’s political and economic activity in the world.

    • …although now that I’ve read the article I don’t feel I’d put up an argument against your description.

    • I get the clever satire in your comment, but If you read the article, I think you would agree that it is skeevy, and sad….and expensive, but this is a free market economy and clearly the market will bear it.
      I know this is the oldest profession and it isn’t going away anytime soon, but the article’s description of the nuts and bolts of operation makes me sad for ALL involved.

      • Agreed. When I moved into this neighborhood in the seventies three were LOTS of private sex clubs in the Financial District. It was a function of the times, of course, but they were well known, and known to be clean, orderly, well-lit, and frankly, sanctioned by the local constabulary. This brings up a much, much longer discussion of the nature of the enterprise and of society, but that’s for another time.

  2. This sounds eerily similar to what the owner of Club Remix tried pulling last year (when it went by the name of Quest). As you’ll see from the attached link, it was a little less “underground,” and attempted to skirt the law by calling itself a private club. Hopefully the owner of Remix isn’t going to try to play “host” again for this kind of nonsense…..but if he does, we’ll be ready.

  3. I can’t wait to throw down a couple of Gs at Haus