Seen & Heard: Historic Ship Festival

••• The lighting overhaul of the Municipal Building’s Civic Fame statue seems to be done—and it looks great. Now if the city could figure out what to do with the eight or so other floors in the tower. As you can see from this photo from the other night, the right side is lit but the left isn’t.

••• As a June special, Sweetgreen has a special salad dressing from Momofuku that’s pretty good. Both times I’ve been there, I’ve asked to drop certain ingredients, and the staffers always ask if I’d like something else—but I’ve never known whether I’d be charged extra. The official word: “We don’t charge if its an ingredient from the same category (veggies, crunch). If it’s a premium ingredient (cheese, meat), then we charge.”

••• Press release: “Anyone who has ever wanted to ride on a tugboat, feel the spray when a fireboat does a water display, go sailing on a vintage schooner or explore antique ships will have the opportunity at the Sixth Annual North River Historic Ship Festival, June 20-24. Most events are free. Details and ticket information are at” It’s at Pier 25.

••• From the Friends of Washington Market Park: “Church Street School will host free art projects every Saturday in June from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at our picnic table area.”

••• The original members of X are playing City Winery August 21-24. Members of City Winery’s Vino Files club get first crack at tickets; is there any part of our society that won’t have “premium pricing”? Anyway, the email says “four nights, four albums,” so maybe they’re playing their first four records, one per night? The email linked to Vino Files info, not to pages on the concerts, so it’s hard to tell. I might have to go to the Los Angeles night….