Polux Fleuriste Is Leaving All Good Things

PoluxOn the advice of a tipster (or possibly two—it’s not clear whether the same person emailed twice), I headed over to All Good Things to verify that Polux Fleuriste is indeed leaving at the end of the month. Actually, that’s not true: Polux’s Anouchka Martin had already confirmed it in an email: “You can still reach us and order flowers at this email [poluxnyc@earthlink.net]. We are going to work from our studio for the summer and will keep you inform when will get a new location. You can also still find us at Club Monaco on Fifth Avenue.” I went over to All Good Things because I wanted to make sure that Cavaniola’s Gourmet is still there—one of the tipsters said that Polux was the last of the original vendors. Cavaniola’s is indeed there, however, and the staffer said he knew of no plans to leave.

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  1. They were bad business-people. They sat there idle, and refused to put an arrangement together other than “hand bouquets”. You needed to call in advance for anything else. Not to mention it was way overpriced.

    • There’s nothing idle about them! I’ver rarely seen two more hardworking, talented, passionate-about-what-they-do women than Anouska and Barbara – and to create in the way that they do – highly discerning, sophisticated – takes time and planning. Their window on Franklin gave a special sweetness to that block. Big loss.

  2. I also swore them off after a bad experience.

    • Count me in with the bad experience. They just get rude, haughty and disinterested unless you want to spend A LOT of money. I mean I get I’m supposed to wonder at the beauty and the artistry, but at the end of the day they are just flowers which will be dead in 5 days. But they act like they’re recreating the Sistine Chapel for you, and that you should be honored to pay them. I think Michelangelo charged less, and had less of a God complex.

  3. They were the only walk-in florist in Tribeca with taste and an actual aesthetic sensibility and who sourced flowers that you couldn’t otherwise buy at the one of the delis on Hudson. This is a huge loss to the neighborhood. I hope they reopen nearby.

  4. What a shame. Polux Fleuriste created beautiful, unique hand-tied bouquets and we loved doing business with them. It’s not surprising, though, as it seems most of the original business partners at All Good Things have pulled out. It’s always quiet and sad when we go in anymore. Prices are hard to justify. Unless they find a way to innovate before Gourmet Garage goes in at Franklin & Broadway, I’d say their days are numbered.

  5. It’s too bad that All Good Things is a failed experiment. It’s gone from All to Some Good Things to a Few Good Things. Once Orwasher’s pulled out early on it has been downhil for that shop. I’m not sure if it’s the space or the offerings, but I’ve walked in and out of there without buying anything many times despite wanting to pick up something. They missed out by not having more lunch fare to compete with Grandaisy and Clementine nearby. Now that Arcade Bakery is open, there’s a great option for fine baguettes, other baked goods and some sandwiches. And by the way, I think Langdon’s Florist does a good job with custom bouquets while you wait, and they’re friendly and reasonably priced. I too have had a bad experience with Polux.

  6. Cheers to Langdon! Old timers and very nice.