In the News: P.J. Clarke’s vs. Brookfield Place

••• P.J. Clarke’s is suing Brookfield Place, claiming that “water leaks, severed telephone and Internet lines preventing credit-card transactions, falling debris and numerous power outages caused by construction have led to revenue losses of more than $6 million.” The restaurant says it’s being forced out. And if the Wall Street Journal thinks P.J. Clarke’s is “upscale,” it really needs to get out more.

••• Eater says “According to a statement from the P.J. Clarke’s camp, the restaurateurs think that Brookfield might be pushing them out to make way for Pastis.” Seems unlikely, what with the French-themed Le District across the plaza….

••• Bâtard has an off-the-menu schnitzel. —Restaurant Girl

••• Developer Michael Shvo is buying “22 Thames (aka 125 Greenwich) from Fisher Bros. and Steven Witkoff for around $180 million. […] Witkoff and the Fishers simply could not turn down the price that is roughly $90 million more than the $87.5 million they paid in September 2012. […] Shvo will likely redesign the tower with smaller floor plates for grand, full and half-floor luxury condos.” —New York Post

••• “Next month, the city will begin making pedestrian safety improvements to South End Avenue—but with some changes to its original plan. A Department of Transportation plan presented to the Battery Park City Committee in November included placing six ‘pedestrian islands’ on South End Avenue and another two on West Thames Street, between South End Avenue and West Street. Now, all of those islands—except for the one at West Thames Street and Battery Place—are no longer part of the plan.” —Tribeca Trib

••• Success Academy wants to open a charter school in Lower Manhattan in 2015. —DNAinfo

••• “City Councilwoman Margaret Chin is [introducing] a new bill that would fine [restaurants] if their trash is found oozing oil or other liquids onto the street.” —DNAinfo

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  1. Good riddance to PJ Clarke’s. Their food was mediocre at best and service was non existent. They made you feel like they were doing you a favor. I would not be excited to have Pastis here however, as it really became a tourist trap. I have no issue with tourists as a fact of life, but can’t we get a solid, affordable restaurant that is not a “destination.”

  2. I’m with Cami here… I’m also tired of destination restaurants and want a solid, affordable restaurant for locals. And PJ’s was neither upscale or particularly good. (not that they should be chased out and made bankrupt, I don’t think that’s a good outcome at all!)