Spa Raid!

“There was a raid at Tribeca Spa of Tranquility this morning. Six SWAT-like officers removing computers, etc.” The tipster went on to say why, but it’s so hot I can’t post it without evidence—and alas, I don’t have a relationship with the NYPD, although from the sound of it, this could be more of the jurisdiction of the FBI. I imagine we’ll hear more from the city newspapers or DNAinfo. In the meantime, if you know anything—and better yet, have corroborating documentation—please do share it at All tips are anonymous.

P.S. I called the spa, which is at 462 Greenwich, and it’s open.



  1. Maybe they were trying to beat the expiration date on their Groupon?

  2. Laughing…but seriously, I’ve prepaid for a bunch of massages. Any know the real scoop and whether it means they are imminently closing??

  3. If it were something truly salacious that precipitated the raid, wouldn’t it be in the NY Post by now?